Früher hatte dieses kleine, feine Midlet schon wertvolle Hilfe auf SXG75 und EF81 verrichtet. Nachdem ich heute durch Zufall festgestellt hab, es gibt eine neue Version.

Jedenfalls ich kann endlich damit auf meine Homepage, als FTP Client.

Hier mal die Mainfeatures:
# Powerful File Manager with features like Copy/Paste, Rename, Delete, Create Directory, View File Properties, Read and Write Protection of files, Hidden Files (provided that the underlying file system supports it)
# FTP Client with features equivalent of a FTP client on Desktop computers.
# Secure FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) for completely secure file transfers.
# File Encryption utility to easily secure your sensitive files using military strength Twofish encryption.
# Text Editor which can be used to view and edit text files both locally on the phone and remotely on a FTP server.
# Write and view completely secure notes using the built-in text editor which is integrated with the encryption engine. Use this to store credit card information, passwords etc. completely safe.
# File Compression utility to save discspace and bandwidth using the GZip/GUnzip tool.
# Edit your website using the built in text editor, and then deploy it using the FTP client. Alternatively edit the web page remotely on the web-site.
# Multiple file management for all the file management features (including the Encryption and GZip features).
# Flexible dual file system view for seamless file management between file systems. Each view can either be connected to your local file system on your phone or a remote FTP file server. Any combination of local and remote file systems can be used. Local-Local, Local-Remote or even Remote-Remote. Files can be seamlessly transferred between the file systems in any direction.
Übrigens das andere Projekt sieht auch interessant aus. Allerdings konnte ich es nicht ohne JAD testen...