BenQ-Siemens M72 SW00 baseline V133

Diskutiere BenQ-Siemens M72 SW00 baseline V133 im English Discussion Forum Forum im Bereich BenQ-Siemens Forum; Hello everyone, Today I want to share with you a quite interesting fullflash backup, something that you can call "unique" - BenQ-Siemens M72 SW00...


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Hello everyone,
Today I want to share with you a quite interesting fullflash backup, something that you can call "unique" - BenQ-Siemens M72 SW00 baseline V133.

Short story:
I've found a BenQ-Siemens E71 prototype, on exterior it looks just like regular (serial production) E71 Dark Silver, apart from tilted "BENQ-SIEMENS" inscription from bottom display glass side to the speaker area (just like on most C68/E71 protos). Together with phone I've received a prototype battery EBA-120 (V30145-K1310-X394), quite early revision - B1+sample (although not earliest revision). All stickers from the phone were torn off, except KLF-label.

Phone is switching on, and working stable. My eye catched the curious text in "Product Name" - "M72", and together with it, the firmware production date - 2006-12-05. If we sum up this data, plus keeping in mind, that baseline version here is main_1.0_V133, while on E/EL71 SW45 - baseline V132.2, I came to conclusion, that this is the most up-to-date firmware for this platform. If anybody knows something about this mystical project "M_whiteemea_TH", please write your info here.

PapuaUtils v1.1.1c states an unknown hardware type - it is HWID: 415.

Data from Date/Time in Developer Menu:

Download link:

Screenshots from flashers:

Full version of gallery is here:


Phone has enabled option "SMS on Exit" by default; testers, please keep in mind - there's a risk to lose your money because of error reporting by SMS. Once again, it is possible, that on this FW "Restart After Exit" feature is working, like on CL61 SW00 baseline v123/v128. If you'll find something interesting in FuBu, please post it in the thread.

BenQ-Siemens M72 SW00 baseline V133

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