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Diskutiere Custom Firmwares im Samsung Bada Forum Forum im Bereich Samsung Forum; Hallo Bada Community, ich wollte in diesem Thread mal ein paar sehr schöne und gute Custom Roms für die Waves vorstellen. Alle Firmwares die ich...


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Hallo Bada Community,
ich wollte in diesem Thread mal ein paar sehr schöne und gute Custom Roms für die Waves vorstellen.

Alle Firmwares die ich vorstelle findet ihr unter

Beginnen wir mit einer Firmware die ich selber auf meinem Wave habe - die Turko CFW V5 for Wave I/II

Hier der Changelog (also das was zur normalen FW geändert wurde (Grundschulenglisch vorrausgesetzt ;))

- Fm Radio Is Working Without Earnphone Connection (For Original Radio Instruction's is in Rar ) [Ordinary, earphone functions as though antenna of the phone, therefore radio gets more signals. But here we would like to emphasize that most of the time we do not take earphones with us and so no Radio. Sure if you have internet connection (3G) can get online radio stations with 3th party software.
With this Custom Firmware we brought about Radio without Antenna (earphones).
By making Manuel station search even you can find many radio stations or just put your finger over antenna input area.]
- Alarm don't stop after 1 minute ringing
- Deleted Operator Name From Notification Bar
- Wac Developer Mode Activated
- Auto portrait camera
- Any key LCD on
- Show hidden storage on windows explorer (IntSys) )
- SocialHub premium with IM (MSN, Gtalk and yahoo messenger)
- You can record a call
- Few themes
- Remove pdf file, widgets, gadgets from hold bada 1.x
- Added Polaris Office (Removable)
- Custom for GPS (Also Debug is on)
- Facebook,Twitter and Chat On are available on market!
- Lockscreen Changed ICS 4.0.4 and also containing Original Lockscreen
- New Alarm Popup
- New Missing Message and Call Showing Lockscreen
- Default Start Year 2012 Default
- Help Windows Disabled
- Reduced number of homescreens to 1
- Re-assigned icons for all Java apps.
- Changed app arrangement on homescreen
- Changed app arrangement in main menu
- Battery percentage enabled Default
- Sleep Time 1 Min Default
- Maximum use of 5 Java apps same time
- Caster,IM,Polaris Office Removable
- Added New Font
- Maximum SMS / MMS increased 300
- MMS Resized Image to 7 mb previous it was 3 mb, size of attachment to 10 mb previous 5 mb
- Added SongID (Shazam) direct main menu
- Added eBuddy (Alternative for Palringo) direct main menu
- Added Facebook Java Version direct main menu
- Added Google Maps direct main menu
- Added Opera Mini 7 direct main menu
- Backlight time 15sec default
- Motion Shake,Tilt and Turn over OFF default
- Default App Instalation MMC
- Bluetooth remote SIM mode activated
- For Using DBT You Will see DB RailNavigator in the main menu
- For Using SER (Russian) You will See Qip Mobile in the main menu and Facebook deleted
- Fixed Transparant on Notification bar
- Supported 30 Language + 52 CSC Preconfigurations

+ Extra : Added Three apps_Compressed.bin
Which you can easily flash only this file and you can download apps,games and etc. from Wave 3,Wave M and Wave 578 (HD JAVA GAMES on Main menu and Removable) Stores Enjoy

CFW PleaSe for GT-S8500

Changelog [/ B]:
[LIST = 1][*] Premium Activated SHP [/ B]
[*] SGPS custom Active [/ B]
[*] 300/100 to sms / mms [/ B]
[*] Splah TIZEN start and Song Enable only with CSC_MOD + [/ B]
[*] Splah Bada and Song Enable only start with CSC_Ultimate_MOD + [/ B]
[*] Unique CFW with 565/554 MB of System Memory ... for this future use CSC_Ultimate_MOD + [/ B]
[*] Music Recognizer Active (Use the recorder to save the music clip Voicexxx.mp3, open Music of Voicexxx.mp3 tap tap "i" after tapping "Tag Search") also can be used to download it in Tube2Mp3.jar mp3 [/ B]
[*] Call Recorder Active [/ B]
[*] New lock screen animation with only 4:04 to ICS with new Rsrc_open_8500_lock_inu_MOD + [/ B]

Changelog nach einem Update

Change log with new CFW_thai_MOD+
- Best Modem with power Data/wifi
- Best interface with black dominance and lite
- Added CALL recorder
- Added SEND 300/100 sms/mms
- Added LOCK screen ICS style
- Added Answers the phone with Keyboard or Swype style (green/red)
- Added MusicHUB-ChatON-Caster-NavigatorLBS-WAC active in Devolper mode
- Added AutoResize in Browser
- Added Comunities EURO with Flickr-Facebook-Photobucket-Picasa-YouTube-Fotki-Hyves
- Added Preconfig: DBT-SKT-XEO-XEF-XEU-ITV-TIM
- Added T9 for all leanguage

Team Elite v4.0 Custom Rom

Main Features

-Based on S8530DDLC2_INU stock rom

-INU csc. All other csc's except INU are ripped off

-Better Ram management

-Optimized CSC & RC1 files

-All Java Apps & games are ripped off

-All Ringtones & wallpapers are ripped off

-Except "English" All the keyboard languages are ripped off(Except English please do not select any language even if you find it in the keyboard languages option)

-Except "English" All the core languages are ripped off

-All widgets are ripped off except Calender & Digital Clock.

-Opera Mini on main menu

-Removed Navigation , Task , Caster , Google , Chat On

-Keyboard is very fast & smooth & support Swype T9 for all languages

-SMS & MMS Recipients increased from 10 to 300

-Mms attachment size increased to 10 mb

-Mms Image Resizeing changed from 3mb to 5mb

-Mms sending size increased to 7 mb

-Voice call recorder added

-Front Camera button available in camera app

-Any key to make LCD on

-Battery Percentage indicator Activated by default

-Bluetooth Secure connection is off & Remote Sim Mode activated

-Better GPS

-Display of Hidden Phone partitions with normal Usb connection

-Custom view off SMS (Black background with words written in white font)

-Wifi tweaked

-can multitask 5 Java apps (if Java apps support running in background)

-Voice Recorded IT3 Tag is moded to be able to use recorded files for voice recognition

Note : apps_compressed2.bin file included in the rom for flashing. By flashing this file your phone will be hacked and kies will detect your phone as S8600 and you can install all the bada 2.0 apps and games on your S8530.


Gruß Phoenix

Custom Firmwares


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