Firmware W800i / K750i Changelog

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Link zum Selbstupdate via SEUS = Sony Ericsson Update Service: Klick

Direkter D/L SEUS II Version 2.2.11b: klick

F: Wie bekommt man die Firmwareversion heraus ?
A: über das ServiceMenu "*>*<<*<*"
> steht für Joystick rechts und < logischerweise für Joystick links

Each firmware revision listed below contains the fixes listed against that revision plus the fixes of all the firmwares below that entry.

- W800/K750i Vodafone only (CDA102425/13)?
- Released on SEUS for the W800 around 2/12/05.
- Fixes MS Duo file transfer issues.
- Rotating and zooming into pictures is faster and displays an egg timer whilst processing.
- Software versions:
Camera 4.5
ITP CXC 125 932 R1E

- Released on SEUS for the W800 on 15/10/05.
- Improved battery life over R1N035.
- Fixes for low-tonal audio issues.
- Fixes for Bluetooth audio issues.
- BUG: MS Duo bug still present with this firmware. See the R1N035 entry for possible fixes.

- Released on SEUS for the K750 on 12/9/05.
- Released on SEUS for the W800 on 7/10/05.
- Video bitrate improvements over R1L (as good as R1A044)
- Improvements to photo quality (less noise in dark photos, improved viewfinder refresh rate).
- Bluetooth stability improvements.
- Bluetooth security fixes - no longer asks for file confirmations with paired devices.
- Contrast / Gamma modifications have been made to the display for a better overall picture.
- Improved reception (the signal strength indicator tends to be higher than in previous firmwares).
- Increased MP3 volume.
- Backlight doesn't come on again to show time after phone locks.
- Popup menu icon in the WAP browser has been modified.
- Fixed "More" menu when adding addresses to an email message.
- Problem: Battery usage increased by around 20% following the improvements made to reception.
- BUG: (Fixed in the current revision B?) With some phones Java applications can no longer turn on Bluetooth (i.e. the message "Failed to complete this enquiry" appears rather than the question "Allow application to create server bluetooth connection?")
- BUG: Some phones experience MS Duo corruption after the firmware update. This seems to occur after transferring files over the supplied USB cable. Symptoms include erratic behaviour of the Media Player and problems with the file system such as corrupted or deleted files. Potential fixes are as follows:
- DUO FIX: Do not use the supplied USB cable to transfer files - use a USB memory card reader instead.
- DUO FIX: In Device Manager / Disk Drives select Properties on the Sony Eri Memory Stick and then "Optimize for Performance" on the Policies tab. You will now have to use the "Safely Remove Hardware" in the taskbar before unplugging the phone.
- DUO FIX: Format the memory stick in the phone and then perform a Master Reset / Reset All. Note that this will erase all settings - perform a full backup beforehand. This should be used as a last resort and does not necessarily fix the problem.
- JBenchmark 3D LQ - approx 204
- JBenchmark 3D HQ - approx 123
- Software versions:
Camera 4.5
ITP CXC 125 932 R1E

- Released by SETool on 30/6/05
- Test firmware for K750.
- Known bugs with this firmware

- Released by DaVinci for the K750 on 22/6/05
- Released on SEUS for the K750 30/6/05
- Release firmware for the W800.
- Fixes the o2 GPRS issue introduced in R1J
- Video recording quality as R1J (i.e. inferior to firmwares previous to R1J)
- JBenchmark 1: 3880
- JBenchmark 2: 335
- JBenchmark 3D LQ - approx 201
- JBenchmark 3D HQ - approx 121
- Software versions:
Camera 4.4
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

- W800 brown (pre-release) firmware

- Released on SEUS 13/6/05
- Standby crash fixed / improved.
- Increased call and Media Player volume.
- Games menu operates much more smoothly.
- Smoother video playback
- General UI performance improvements
- Improvements and bug fixes to Bluetooth headset support.
- The auto focus beep sound has been changed.
- Saving a photo to the Memory Stick is now quicker.
- New MP3 folder on Memory stick
- Fixed the month names in the calendar for various european languages.
- Camera sounds are muted when in silent mode in some firmware locales (EU_1 , but not EU_3).
- Minimised Media Player icon changed.
- SMS 'to' text now black (previously white).
- A "Fully Charged" message is now displayed on screen when the phone has finished charging.
* PROBLEM: GPRS comms has been broken on many o2 phones and some phones from other service providers.
* PROBLEM: Video recording quality (bitrate) has been reduced.
- JBenchmark 1 - approx 3908
- JBenchmark 2 - approx 344
- JBenchmark 3D LQ - approx 205
- JBenchmark 3D HQ - approx 114
- Software versions:
Camera 4.4
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

- Vodafone specific (K750 only)
- Released around 3/6/05
- No reported changes from R1A044
- As is the case with the K700, Vodaphone's R1C004 supports DRMed MP3s only.
- Software versions:
Camera 3.8
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

- First release (K750 only)
- JBenchmark 1 - approx 3894
- JBenchmark 2 - approx 334
- JBenchmark 3D LQ - approx 131
- JBenchmark 3D HQ - approx 89
- Software versions:
Camera 3.8
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B
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Firmware W800i / K750i Changelog

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