[Kernel] N.E.A.K.-Kernel Galaxy S3 I9300

Diskutiere [Kernel] N.E.A.K.-Kernel Galaxy S3 I9300 im Samsung Galaxy S3 Custom Rom / Mod Forum im Bereich Samsung Galaxy S3 Forum; Nun hat auch der Entwickler Simone aus dem XDA-Developers Forum seinen Kernel veröffentlicht nachdem sein Team das S3 erhalten hat. Der erste...
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Mr. Green


Nun hat auch der Entwickler Simone aus dem XDA-Developers Forum seinen Kernel veröffentlicht nachdem sein Team das S3 erhalten hat. Der erste Kernel liegt bereits vor.
Alle Infos sind auf der Entwickler-Seite im XDA-Developers-Forum zu entnehmen: [KERNEL][29.06][AOSP&SAMMY][APP][MultiCore] N.E.A.K. S3 - We're Finally Here (v1.0x) - xda-developers


- Based on sammy update1 sources, updated to 3.0.36
- Governors: PegasusQ (default), Ondemand, LulzactiveV2, Performance, Conservative (module), Lazy (module)
- Schedulers: BFQv3-R4, Noop, SIO, VR (default)
- Using JRCU (++smoothness, ++responsiveness)
- XZ Compression only for KERNEL (+speed, --size)
- Fully compatible with: NEAK Apps, Multi-Core Manager, Tegrak's Lulzactive app, Voltage Control, SetCPU, NSTools
- exFAT modules are loaded and working

- LED Fade support (thx to teamhacksung)
- Init.d Support
- CIFS and FUSE built in the kernel (no modules)
- Android Logger (logcat) already enabled into the kernel
- MULTI-CORE INTERFACE (renewed Tegrak's 2ndCore) -----> CLICK HERE for infos
- CustomVoltage Interface support (thx to Ezekeel - use NSTools for it)
- FSync Control Interface (thx to Ezekeel - incoming infos for it)

- NO OC!!!! (200-1400Mhz)
- CPU Undervolt support (thx to netarchy, Entropy512 & AndreiLux, rebased by me)
- Complete control of freqs/voltages with Voltage Control/SetCPU/NeakPro
- GPU Overclock/Undervolt & Stepcount Interface (by gm & AndreiLux)
- Charging current interface support (original by gm, ported by me) ----> AC, USB, MISC and DOCK supported
- Speedmod Sharpness fix (thx to hardcore)
- Brightness Curve Mod (thx to gm)

- ARM CPU Topology + Sched_MC (can be enabled via NEAK App, disabled by default)
- SLQB Memory Allocator (better memory management)
- Improved memory management functions
- Allow CPU Unaligned access (++performaces)
- Reduced a bit the debug (still need to strip it down for real)
- AFTR ARM Idle Mode (enable via NEAK App) (++battery)

- Reduced debugging WiFi/BT
- TCP/IP Tweaks
- TCP buffer tweaks

- Using Standalone Hotplug driver with non-hotplug governors (thx to gm)
- 3 CPU cores OFF when screen is locked (thx to arighi for original implementation)
- Upstream patches and fixes from Linux 3.2/3/4 mainline kernel
- Compiled with arm-eaby-4.4.3 aosp toolchain + basic optimisation flags
- Optimised EXT4 filesystem
- Generally optimised code (removed useless functions and variables, fixed warnings)
and many others...


- MULTI-CORE INTERFACE (features also Multi-Core Manager App)
- NEAK CONFIGURATOR APP (also PRO - incoming on the gs3)
- NO COMPRESSION for Ramdisks
- CustomVoltage and FSync Control interfaces (thx to Ezekeel)
- Tweaked PegasusQ, Ondemand, lulzactive and lazy governors
- Tweaked BFQ, SIO and VR Schedulers for NAND devices

INFOS ÜBER DEN NEAK CONFIGURATOR FREE/PRO AND OTA UPDATER: xda-developers - View Single Post - [KERNEL][18.03.12][APP][OTA] N.E.A.K. Kernel for Ginger - The last one!! (v1.4.2x)

INFOS ÜBER MULTI-CORE MANAGER UND WIE ES FUNKTIONIERT: MultiCoreWiki - neak-kernel-sgs3 - Wiki for Multi-Core Interface of NEAK-GS3 - N.E.A.K. Kernel for Samsung GT-I9300 International - by NEAR Team - Google Project Hosting


N.E.A.K.-Free App:

Zum Diskussionsthread gehts hier lang: http://www.usp-forum.de/samsung-galaxy-s3-custom-rom-mod/88627-diskussionsthread-n-e-a-k-kerne-f-rl-galaxy-s3-i9300.html
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Mr. Green

N.E.A.K.-Kernel Galaxy S3 I9300

v1.0x (AOSP&SAMMY):

- Based on Samsung Update1 sources, updated to Kernel 3.0.36
- NO OC!!! (200-1400Mhz)
- Governors: pegasusq (default), ondemand, performance, lulzactive, conservative (module), lazy (module)
- Schedulers: VR (default), BFQ-v3r4, NOOP and SIO
- UV Interface for ARM and INTERNAL voltages
- GPU Clock/Voltage control (thx to gm & AndreiLux)
- Stochastic Fair Blue NET Scheduler (better TCP performances)
- CustomVoltage Interface (thx to Ezekeel - use NSTools)
- FSync Control Interface (thx to Ezekeel)
- Multi-Core Control (based on Tegrak's 2nd Core)

- A lot of post-init tweaks
- NEAK APP support
- Init.d support
- Insecure adbd (thx to Chainfire)
- exFAT modules are loaded fine

- XZ compression optimised
- No Ramdisk compression (fast boot)
- Tons of various optimisations taken from other repos (thx to myfluxi, franciscofranco, gm and AndreiLux)

v1.0x SAMSUNG FWs Zip: Click Here
v1.0x SAMSUNG FWs TAR: Click Here

v1.0x AOSP/AOKP/CM9 Zip: Click Here
v1.0x AOSP/AOKP/CM9 TAR: Click Here

Mr. Green

v1.1x (AOSP&SAMMY):

- Updated sources to Samsung Update3 (fixes camera on LFB and up firmwares)
- mdnie: sharpness tweaks by hardcore
- mms_ts: using 600Mhz as TouchBooster freq (+battery)
- mali: disable mali_runtime_resume (thx to gm)
- cpufreq: voltages rounding (thx to AndreiLux)
- sched: Folding nohz load accounting more accurate (+performance)
- pegasusq: tweaking for responsiveness and battery life
- wakelock: (tungstwenty's implementation) expanded deleted wakelocks
- wakelock: main_wake_lock fix by tungstwenty
- Tweaked SIO scheduler (thx to AndreiLux)

- ramdisk: using idle-only mode as default (temporary fixes crackling sound)
- ramdisk: creating init.d folder if it doesn't exist
- ramdisk: updated sammy ramdisks from latest LFB firmware
v1.1x SAMSUNG FWs Zip: Click Here
v1.1x SAMSUNG FWs TAR: Click Here

v1.1x AOSP/AOKP/CM9 Zip: Click Here
v1.1x AOSP/AOKP/CM9 TAR: Click Here

Mr. Green

v1.2x (AOSP&SAMMY):


- Updated to Linux 3.0.37

- mms_ts: TouchBooster: freq set to 700Mhz

- mms_ts: TouchBooster: use policy->max freq if it is less than kernel default (fixes using of touchbooster freq while using heavy underclock)

- mms_ts: TouchBooster: don't lock freq if current freq (policy->cur) is > of the touchbooster freq (avoids any kind of stuttering while using heavy tasks and games)

- Compiled with Linaro GCC 4.7 + NEAK CFLAGS (heavily tweaked) + Graphite Optimisations

- cpufreq: pegasusq: using some stock values (improves battery with same smoothness)

- Completely removed exFAT modules (++stability, -size)

- Completely disabled any kind of debug (++speed, --size)

- cm36651: increasing light sensor polling interval

- max17047_fuelgauge: increasing battery polling interval


- Updated tweaks from SpeedMod kernel (thx to hardcore)

- Removed some more debugging from some modules (thx to hardcore)

- Preliminary support for CM10 (Android 4.1.1) ---> see known bugs


- Small fix in NEAK CFLAGS

- Preliminary support for CM10 (Android 4.1.1) ---> see known bugs

v1.2x SAMSUNG FWs Zip: Click Here
v1.2x SAMSUNG FWs TAR: Click Here

v1.2x AOSP/AOKP/CM9 Zip: Click Here
v1.2x AOSP/AOKP/CM9 TAR: Click Here

Mr. Green

v1.3x (AOSP&SAMMY):


- Updated to Linux 3.0.39

- bcmdhd: update wireless driver to 1.15.15 (fixes wifi drops, thx to gm)

- bcmdhd: Change packet filter settings to block multicast

- mdnie: updated Speedmod mDNIe tweaks (thx to hardcore)

- Fix adb root command

- ramdisk-aosp: updated CM9 and CM10 ramdisks

- ramdisk-samsung: updated from LG8 firmware
v1.3x SAMMY:
ZIP: Klick
TAR: Klick

v1.3x AOSP:
ZIP: Klick
TAR: Klick

Mr. Green

v1.4x (AOSP&SAMMY):


- Updated to Linux 3.0.42

- Updated sources to Update4 (works with newer ics sammy firmwares)

- Updated BFQ Scheduler V4

- mali: added GPU OC frequencies

- mali: reduce utilization sampling timeout (thx to AndreiLux)

- pegasusq: tweaks and parameters from speedmod (++ battery)

- pegasusq: update sampling rate without waiting for next sampling

- an30259a: don't restrict led brightness in user case (thx to codeworkx)

- f_mtp_samsung: revert to update2 sources to get MTP working on OSX (thx to gm)

- s3cfb: asynchronous vsync notification (thx to codeworkx)

- sched: Ensure cpu_power periodic update

- sched: use cpu capacity to decide if a ILB is needed

- sdhci: Remove Samsung's broken hack (thx to Entropy512)

- ARM: disable preemption in machine_shutdown

- fs: switch do_fsync() to fget_light() (thx to franciscofranco)


- aosp: updated CM9 ramdisks

- aosp: updated CM10 ramdisks

- aosp: added JB adbd


- defconfig: fixed mmc initialising for all ROMs (fixes sdcards into CM10)
v1.4x SAMSUNG FWs + MIUI Zip: Click Here
v1.4x SAMSUNG FWs + MIUI TAR: Click Here

v1.4x AOSP/AOKP/CM9/10 Zip: Click Here
v1.4x AOSP/AOKP/CM9/10 TAR: Click Here
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[Kernel] N.E.A.K.-Kernel Galaxy S3 I9300


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