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Mr. Green

Original-Thread, Aktualisierungen und Downloads: [Kernel][StockICS][P75XX] A1 Kernel V1.5.6SE (BUG FIX) - xda-developers

Before you do anything: This is purely at your own risk and I will not be responsible for anything that happens to your tablet. I flashed it on mine at my own risk.

Where the name comes from: This kernel is named after the imaginary character A1. A1 was a character of my creation who was powerful, thought on his feet in battles and drove an electrically powered flying SUV.

Very Important Notice: Last night I tried doing VERY MANY flash, turn on, turn off cycles. Initially, the 1.4GHz XE version did fine. However, as time went on and the tablet got a bit warmer from the many reboots the XE version started to show the boot bug. Flashing the SE version at this point and continuing showed no problems. This lead me to the conclusion that the 1.4GHz may be an example of "playing with fire" and as the saying goes "those who play with fire, get burned". Not to worry though, GPU OC will always be there.

**Sources updated with XE and working 1.6GHz OC files. If you want XE or 1.6GHz you will have to compile it manually.

Voodoo sound <-- new to version 1.0
USB charging enabled as well as charging from other chargers *** fixed V1.5.4 thanks to pershoot
Overclock to 1.2GHz <-- new to version 1.2
NTFS modules enabled, ondemand default frequency scaler, noop default disk io scheduler <-- new to version 1.2.1
GPU overclock from 333MHz to 400MHz. <-- new to version 1.3
Overclock to 1.4GHz <--new to version 1.4
Support for Current Widget <-- new to version 1.5
CIFS enabled in kernel config, 1.4GHz attempted stability fix (thanks to jaswinky) <--new to version 1.5.2
Wifi driver compiled as module <--new to V1.5.3
More voltage anomalies fixed, updated battery driver to pershoot's 3.1 <-- new to V1.5.4 and V1.5.5XE
Fixed charging boot bug <--new to V1.5.6SE
Everything else completely stock.

Charging note: this has been fixed in pershoot's 3.1 kernel and updated in A1 V1.5.4

Older news (but still updated to match current info):
1.4GHz OC: Big thank you to CazeW who cracked the missing link in 1.4GHz OC. Also thanks to jaswinky for finding voltage corrections.

Wifi update: Thanks to everyone who brought the wifi eating up battery issue. Wifi is now being compiled as a module thanks to CazeW's suggestion which should allow it to turn off properly.

GPU OC: overclocked to 400MHz from 333MHz. 400MHz was chosen since the tegra2 wikipedia page shows a tegra2 device with a 400MHz GPU released. This should mean NVidia finds it OK.

OC: 1.2GHz OC seems to be the most reliable probably for the same reason as the GPU OC.

Undervolting is also out of the question as the voltage configuration files themselves are quite unpleasant to work with.

USB Charging: updated to match pershoot's 3.1 source. Only difference is automatic activation of USB charging.

As usual, voodoo sound is included with every kernel

No ETA for new versions or new features. You may request features but no guarantees since I am a beginner. My intention for making this was just so I can temporarily flash stock ICS and keep the voodoo sound I enjoyed in honeycomb. I say temporarily flash since I'm just waiting for the greatness that is CM9 and wanted to enjoy a bit of ICS now but not give up voodoo sound.

Original-Thread, Aktualisierungen und Downloads: [Kernel][StockICS][P75XX] A1 Kernel V1.5.6SE (BUG FIX) - xda-developers

Download direkt über den XDA Thread.

Installation kann nur über Geräte erfolgen, die das CWM Recovery Menü installiert haben, da die Installation über das CWM Menü erfolgt.

[Kernel][StockICS][P75XX] A1 Kernel

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