MC60 @ car handsfree set, Pinout Problem!

Diskutiere MC60 @ car handsfree set, Pinout Problem! im English Discussion Forum Forum im Bereich BenQ-Siemens Forum; (My german writing skills are very bad, so please do not be offended by this english message... I can read a bit German though, so you may reply...


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(My german writing skills are very bad, so please do not be offended by this english message... I can read a bit German though, so you may reply in German!)

I have an universal handsfree set for usage in the car (amplifies speaker sound). This car handsfree set comes with plugs for different brands of mobiles, including Siemens.

But this plug only fits on the M35 series, and I own a MC60. I tried the set with a M35, and it works fine. I have bought an MC60 compatible handsfree earphone (with mic and button) to use the attached plug with my car handsfree set. I figured I could just look up the pinouts of the two different plugs and connect the right pins.

M35 Pinout:

SX1 Pinout:

In the original M35 plug of the car handsfree set these connections are visible:
pin 1+8 = GND cable
pin 10 = MIC cable
pin 11 = SPK cable

I have connected these cables to the appropiate pins of the MC60 plug, but the handsfree set is not detected.

Does anybody know how the handsfree set function on the MC60 is activated? Which pins do I have to connect? Maybe somebody can look inside the plug of their own handsfree set or carkit?

Many thanks in advance!


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i don't know how to help you directly but we had discussions about the pinouts here on the board. Maybe this link will help you, it has a comparison between Lumberg (S25/35/45 Series) and Slim-Lumberg (SX1,MC60, S65 and other new Siemens phones) pinouts. Maybe this can help you.

If you need something translated, just ask ;)


MC60 @ car handsfree set, Pinout Problem!

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