Outlook 2000 sync - 2 ways around : filtering

Diskutiere Outlook 2000 sync - 2 ways around : filtering im Offizielles [email protected] Supportforum von John Shaw Forum im Bereich BenQ-Siemens Forum; Dear community, Though I'm able to read german, it's a far harder job for me to write german. I hope you will be so kind to help me. My problem...


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Dear community,

Though I'm able to read german, it's a far harder job for me to write german. I hope you will be so kind to help me.

My problem:
Downloading "termine" from Outlook to the CX65 works fine. But I want to a full synchronisation, so uploading must be easy too.

If I just select all termine from the CX65 (including the new ones, created on my CX65) and drag & drop them to Outlook this happens: All the termine are exported to outlook but I get many double ones, which where already stored in Outlook. ( big troubles)

Conclusion: I need to find a way, to filter termine from my CX65, which are already stored in outlook. I only want to upload new ones.

How can this be done?




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Hi Mike,

When I first wrote this message I overlooked that I was in the [email protected] forum. So if your question was specific for [email protected] please disregard the stuff below.

I don't have a CX65 but a S55 and use SIEMENS Data Suite to control contacts and addresses. For the CX65 it's called Mobile Phone Manager (SIEMENS web page: http://www.siemens-mobile.com/cds/frontdoo...00.html#content ).

With this software you should be able to manage your calender. The software checks what's in Outlook and what's in your mobile and asks you what you would like to copy where.
Again my experiences are with Data Suite and S55 but why should the new software be different.

Give it a try!

Outlook 2000 sync - 2 ways around : filtering

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