[ROM][G920F/I][7MAY] XtreStoLite Deodexed Mod Edition 1.1 [458MB°Super Debloated°]

Diskutiere [ROM][G920F/I][7MAY] XtreStoLite Deodexed Mod Edition 1.1 [458MB°Super Debloated°] im Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge / Edge Plus) Root / Flash Forum im Bereich Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge / Edge Plus) Forum; Original XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/development/rom-xtrestolite-deodexed-mod-edition-1-0-t3094423...


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MS Win 7, 8.1 und 10 / Ubuntu 11.x
Original XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/gal...xtrestolite-deodexed-mod-edition-1-0-t3094423

G920F/I Galaxy S6 Deodexed Mod edition ROM Details:

- Based on the latest Samsung Stock G920F XXU1AODI Lollipop 5.0.2 firmware (Base build date: 24-APR-2015)

- Deodexed Mod Edition: Deodexed & Mods! (and even more light than the Pure edition!)
The Mods that are included with this version (vs. the Pure Odexed edition of this ROM):
★ 5-Way Reboot Menu
★ Removed High volume warning message
★ Removed Increasing Ringtone
★ All 3 animation speeds at 0.5 at default
★ Fixed ColorFade Memory leak
★ Optional: 3Minit battery MOD
★ Optional: Center Clock
★ Optional: Modded Samsung Camera app to run even on low battery
★ Optional: Modded Samsung Messages app (to disable SMS -> MMS auto conversion

- Original/un-modified Stock Kernel

- Integrated Fix for the 'No deep-sleep' bug!!
(thanks to @HomerSp & @Chainfire)

- All the standard features of Stock Android will work, so it's like an AOSP ROM with the TouchWiz launcher & SystemUI

- Deleted more than 1.5 Gb from the ROM (in comparison to the stock firmware)

- ROM still includes the original Samsung Keyboard, Gallery, Camera, Dialer, Messages, Music, Alarm & Calculator apps

- Native init.d script support (even with the original Stock kernel!!)

- Latest SuperSu & BusyBox binary's integrated

- KNOX fully removed

- 100% Clean and correct installation script (hand-made by me)

- Native Call Recording

- At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!

- Updated Google Play Services, Play Store & Webview to the latest version that's available

- External memory write permissions

- 'Allow 3rd-party app install' enabled at default

- Working Private Mode (available as an add-on in post #2)

- Optional removal of the S-Finder & Quick-Connect buttons from the SystemUI (see Aroma add-on package in post #2)

- (Optional) CSC tweaks, like:

★ Add secondary symbols to the Samsung Keyboard
★ Native Call recording
★ Camera shutter sound button in the Samsung Camera app
★ Enable All Quick Toggles in the notification panel (will show up after 2nd reboot after an clean install)
★ Enable camera during call
★ TouchWiz Launcher is sorted Alphabetically at default
★ Disabled Auto-correction for the Samsung Keyboard at default
★ Filming with the Samsung camera app no longer pauses Music (if you're playing music)
★ Messaging time stamps to it's original time
★ Enable Call Button in call log list
★ Call/Message blocking Settings entry
★ Message 999 recipient limit
★ Exit button in the Samsung internet Browser
★ Vibrate on answering call

- A few optional build.prop tweaks, like: Fewer WiFi scans, Faster Boot animation speeds, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay.

- Unique separate Aroma Add-on Package which includes all the removed Samsung 'bloatware' apps, so that you can flash at any time your missing app back... (see Post #2)
This version is ONLY tested on the G920F & G920I model yet... it will maybe also work on other models, you have to try that out on your own risk of course!!

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.1 Final:
- Updated the whole ROM to firmware base XXU1AODI (build date April 24th)
- Updated Android System WebView to v.42.0.2311.138
- Updated Play Store to v.5.5.8
- Added ColorFade Memory leak fix (thanks to @Goldie)
- Added tweak that will set the correct permissions to all of your files on your internal memory (/data/media) (will be executed one time at first boot up only)
- Made the TouchWiz app drawer alphabetically sorting an optional CSC tweak (when this tweak is enabled then it's not possible to sort the app drawer manually or to create folders in the app drawer)
- Made also the 'Disable Auto correction' & 'Space suggestion' CSC tweaks for the Samsung Keyboard optional
- Various optimizations & fixes (removed a lot of debugging from the modded apk/framework files for example)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.0.2 Final:
- Optimized the installation script, corrected more permmission/SE Context labels of different system files
- Added back Private Mode /system/bin file (so that the Private Mode add-on from the Aroma add-on package works again...)
- Removed some more not needed files from the system
- Removed HighLightVideo services (The Highlight video function of your pictures in the Samsung Gallery)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.0.1 Final:
- Updated SuperSu to Beta 2.49 (which includes fixes for the S6)
- Updated Android System Webview to v.42.0.2311.137
- Removed KNOX /system/bin files
- Removed option to remove the Boot sound (this caused continous logcat spam, when the boot sound was removed)
- Removed some more lib files from the ROM (and added them to their add-ons in the Aroma add-on package)
- Fixed ROM name in build.prop file & Aroma installer (so that it doesn't say Pure Edition anymore)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.0 Final:
- First version of the Deodexed Mod Edition

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