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Mr. Green

Original-Thread, Downloads und weitere Aktualisierungen: [ROM][ICS] MIUI for Galaxy Tab 10.1 - P75xx - 20120805 - Page 6 - xda-developers

IMPORTANT: There are two ROMS, the p4 is the one for the 3G version (P7500) and the p4wifi is the wifi only version (P7510). Unfortunately I didn't test the wifi only version but I think it should work just fine, let me know if not.

Don't know any! Everything that works on a normal CM9 rom should work with this rom too.

This rom is more like a big Phone instead of a tablet as I think the navigation bar was one of the worst invention of Google you have big screen and a big part of it is lost for 3 simple buttons that are anyway hard to touch so the setup is like with a phone and it has "Button Savior" installed which I think it's a lot more user friendly when using the tablet as a reading device (just position to your thumb).

Rotation works in all applications except the MiuiHome which is only portrait mode.

>>>>> ROM-MIUI-P7500 - 20120805 (3G) <<<<<
>>>>> ROM-MIUI-P7510 - 20120805 (Wifi Only) <<<<<

Build using
* cm-9-20120803-NIGHTLY-p4.zip
* cm-9-20120803-NIGHTLY-p4wifi.zip
* miuiandroid_maguro-2.8.3.zip

* Fixed copy and paste by disabling the magnifier glass as it was crashing the whole system
* Changed MiuiHome (launcher) grid layout to 6x7 and 6x6
* Added KoboBooks reader (modified to be more Miui like and removed the need to create an account or login)
* Moved back to MiuiAndroid.com builds

* Fixed lock screen and now instead of using hacks we use the "ro.sf.hwrotation=270" to set to portrait mode and the touchscreen is now calibrated and also the rotation sensor so everything should be working just fine now!
* I'm now building directly from MIUI China but you can use the build script to build your own version of miuiandroid.com roms too

* Fixed Mobile Data connection, should work just fine now
* Fixed home screen to be drawn perfectly after reboot and also to show all 4 widgets when dragging them to home screen
* Fixed setting home screen wallpaper from launcher

* Fixed Phone and Network manager dying so now rotation works just fine.
* Added modified hosts file to disable ads

* Rebuild using Maguro (Nexus GSM) which fixes the sdcard not available problem.

>> MIUI-P75XX-BUILDER - 20120805 <<

If you are interested you can build yourself by download the small build bash script I wrote and just simple specify the two new roms to build and you should have your own MIUI port under builds/ directory.

For e.g. this is how I build it (just change p4 with your p4wifi rom):
./build cm-9-20120629-NIGHTLY-p4.zip miuiandroid_maguro-2.6.29.zip

Also if you wish to make changes to smali files and test just edit them within the src/ directory and run the following command to rebuild your existing workspace:
./build update

As I'm sure everyone already knows but to be even more surer I won't take any responsibility for anything happens to your device!!!

Hope you will like it and find it useful and please don't forget to help if you can!

Original-Thread, Downloads und weitere Aktualisierungen: [ROM][ICS] MIUI for Galaxy Tab 10.1 - P75xx - 20120805 - Page 6 - xda-developers

Download direkt über den XDA Thread.

Installation kann nur über Geräte erfolgen, die das CWM Recovery Menü installiert haben, da die Installation über das CWM Menü erfolgt.

miui.jpg Screenshot_2012-07-01-19-40-12.jpg

[ROM][ICS] MIUI for Galaxy Tab 10.1 - P75xx

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