[ROM][P750x] Tab 10.1 3G CyanogenMod9 Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich NIGHTLY

Diskutiere [ROM][P750x] Tab 10.1 3G CyanogenMod9 Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich NIGHTLY im Samsung Galaxy Tab Custom Rom / Mod Forum im Bereich Samsung Galaxy Tab Forum; Funktioniert auch ohne Probleme auf dem Deutschen Tab 10.1 N P7501 Original XDA-Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461240...
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Mr. Green

Funktioniert auch ohne Probleme auf dem Deutschen Tab 10.1 N P7501

Original XDA-Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461240

Thisis a CM9 KANG built for the GT-P7500 (3G) model.

What doesKANGmean, I hear you asking? It means I'm not the one responsiblefor thecode behind this ROM, it's all CyanogenMod/pershoot/isimobile(asnoted below).
I "only" compiled it and wrote this nicepost,sharing my KANG along the way. Hope you will like it!

Allcredits to the CyanogenMod team and Pershoot, they're therealheroes.
Creditsto isimobile as well for the 3G stuff. All youguysare great, keep up the awesomeness!

Needless to say,don't bugthe CyanogenMod team about bugs (pun intended).
Also,neither I norCM will be held responsible if your Tab explodes (orany otherunfortunate side effect).
That being said, itshouldworkbeautifully http://media.xda-developers.com/imag...lies/smile.gif

- HW video decoding
- Voice Search (lib and apkfrom XWKK4HC build) (see below for download)
- Quite a lotmore

- WiFi tethering

-Forauto-brightness to work, lock/unlock the screen once.
-Searchingfor network providers doesn't work.

Howto install:
If coming from any previousversion of this ROM, fullwipe/cache wipe shouldn't benecessary.

Then, flash in thisorder:
Kernelmodules (optional)
Voice searchfix (optional)

withoutrebooting between flashes.

Additional info:

To get 3G working,make sure you have the right APN with the right settings for yournetwork provider selected.
For the most part this is autodetectedbut sometimes it's not detected properly.

Kernel modules areoptional. If you want support for things like nfs, ps3 controllersetc... flash this. You will have to do the modprobing yourself (in aterminal window: first get root access with su, then modprobe<modulename-without-.ko>)
cifs.ko, ntfs.ko and tun.ko gotmoved into the ROM, no need for modules zip if you just wantthose.

To get your Tab to show up on your computer whenconnected via USB, goto Settings -> Storage -> click the threedots in the upper-right corner. Enable MTP or PTP.

Looking fora changelog? There's no changelog in the traditional sense but thelatest merged changes can be seen here: GerritCode Review(ignoreall android_kernel_* and android_device_* projects)&https://github.com/pershoot/

Don'tflash the kernel from Pershoots thread on this ROM. The latest kernelis included in this ROM already. The one in Pershoots thread is forHoneycomb.

Bandwidth kindly provided by my friend snapcase.Thanks man

ROM: GT-P7500-CM9-KANG-022112-maba.zip- 119 MB(MD5:1d70f3781ce08c79c7e61c518a581b6a)
Reverted backto previous wifi driver (messed it up in last build)

Re-added statusbar settings (battery percentage etc.)

New, nice bootanimation courtesy of artziel
Kernelmodules: GT-P7500-CM9-KANG-022112-maba-kernel-modules.zip-6.7 MB(MD5:454e1e5d6c667142358625b2a2cee70d)
Now copiesmodules to /system/lib/modules, this makes modprobe find themproperly
VoiceSearchfix: GT-P7500-CM9-KANG-maba-voicesearch-fix.zip-1.5 MB(MD5:b18cc6de1d35043ab671d26082d48992)
The voicesearch fix should always be flashed after Gapps (well, if you wantworking voice search that is)

Gapps(withremoved Wallet):
Gapps.zip-77.4 MB (MD5:d2cd70de4378af70aa151a25bc419f63)

Nightly-Downloads: >>>>>KLICK MICH<<<<<

Recovery: >>>>>KLICK MICH<<<<<

Immer aktuellen Google Apps (GApps) gibts hier: >>>>>KLICK MICH<<<<<

Auf was alles zu achten ist und wie das Rom zu Installieren ist, könnt Ihr dem Original-Thread entnehmen ;)
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[ROM][P750x] Tab 10.1 3G CyanogenMod9 Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich NIGHTLY

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