[ROM] Vorstellung InsertCoin Sense 3.5

Diskutiere [ROM] Vorstellung InsertCoin Sense 3.5 im HTC Sensation Custom Rom / Mod Forum im Bereich HTC Sensation Forum; Original Thread bei XDA: [ROM][AUG.12]InsertCoin Sense Android 2.3.4 STABLE 2.1 INSANELY FAST| WWE and RTL - xda-developers Changelog...


Dabei seit
Stock und CFW´s, ständig neue
PC Betriebssystem
MS Win 7, 8.1 und 10 / Ubuntu 11.x
Original Thread bei XDA: [ROM][AUG.12]InsertCoin Sense Android 2.3.4 STABLE 2.1 INSANELY FAST| WWE and RTL - xda-developers


- Fixed issue for TMO US users - tested phone ok wifi calling ok mms ok
- added init.d support
- added signature check disabled as default
- added advanced power menu as default
- updated market (now restore from google account should work
- updated googlemail
- updated voicesearch

2.0 - Official 2.3.4 RUU
- Official 2.3.4 WWE RUU 1.45.401.2
- Offciial Kernel !
-1.6 Stable
- added fc fix by default
- added APM as default
- cleaned
- optimized
- corrected market issue (not all payed apps were available)
- more smoothness - heh though that this was even possible :D
- added HTC Battery Widget
- added HTC Translator Widget
1.5 Stable - do a nandbackup of 1.4 1st then full wipe
- updated base to: 2.92.1985.8 - official Asia - Pacific Leak
- updated kernel to:
1.4 Stable
- updated base
- removed % battery and glow (make ones to your liking in UOT)
- removed
- added a hopefully working version of Talk2
- speed up even more
base changelog:
- updated drivers (thou from a diff i couldn't see any)
- fixed heat problem
- improved compatibility

1.3 Stable Version
- cleaned and optimized
- improved battery life- you need to do a battery calibration in order to benefit from this
- added HTC stocks app widget lockscreen ( you need to wipe Rosie data to view the widget)
- removed talk 1.3 for now, seems for some causes wifi problems - if you know a talk 1.3 that doesn't cause troubles let me know. you can however get [root] Talk Instaler from market and profit on you own risk but .. don't come bitching your wifi doesn't turn off or on anymore

1.2 Stable Version
- removed pwr button + home for screen shot - wasn't working properly. Get drocap2 from market if you need screenshots
- changed RILs to match 10.50.9007.00U_10.12.9007.21_2 Radio
- found the "bug" that made some phones laggy and fixed
- Removed IP from # in Dialer
- tweaked build.prop - rom is even faster now
- changed ROM finger print to 2.3.3 WWE in order to fix "not finding some app in market"
- disabled USB Debugging notification
- no wipe needed coming from 1.1

1.1 Stable Version
- forgot to optimize things. now done
- updated facebook and adfree.
You can flash over 1.0 without any wiping and sorry for forgetting this. This update is a full rom and sorry for putting you again throu download and flashing. Is not necessarily to update but version 1.1 will give you more smoothness
1.0 Stable Version
- fixed crashing browsers on some sites
- fixed Social LockScreen and added back to rom
- fixed HTC News Widgets - wasn't showing all info now it is.
- fixed FriendStream Widget - it didn't show f or t icons next to post, had some weird spacing
- fixed HTC Trends Widget
- added HTC Watch
- added HTC Ereader App and Widget
- added SD Card speedup script
- add Google News and Weather
- cleaned and optimized scripts and rom
- Stable version - out of RC and testing
- added take screenshot by Powermenu + Home
- Keyboard Animations
- Removed those ugly 2 arrows from up - left
Flash on Top of RC3. don't wipe anything!
- fixed HTC Twitter App and Widget
- T-mobile US Wifi Calling
- T-mobile US MMS Fixed - again you need full wipe for this
- Added RTL support
- Fixed Gps Icon
- Fixed Usb Connected Text
- added stock % battery
- added overscroll glow
- optimized framework and apks
- removed extended quick settings - will add in the future.
- added working video Talk (google talk)

- fixed location - thx falsinho for idea idanfima for thinking of holiday and omerkisoss for providing the leak
- add HTC Premium Navigation
- added more quick settings
- added modded HTC Camera for panorama and higherbitrate - thx m-deejay
- updated SU to 3.0
- fixed for good TMUS small mms - requires full wipe before flashing
- removed social lockscreen because was creating issues
- removed peep widget because was creating issues

Download direkt über den XDA Thread oder auch hier < Klick mich >

Installation erfolgt über das CWM Menü im Bootloade/Recovery. Install zip from SD Card/Choose Zip from SD Card.

Unter Umständen ist ein Full Wipe nötig. Ich persönlich halte es eh immer für sinnvoll.


Dabei seit
Stock und CFW´s, ständig neue
PC Betriebssystem
MS Win 7, 8.1 und 10 / Ubuntu 11.x
[ROM] Vorstellung InsertCoin Sense Android 2.3.4 INSANELY FAST|

Update: neue Version 2.3.0

Original XDA Thread: [ROM][AUG.29]InsertCoin 2.3.0 STABLE |WWE Android 2.3.4 |SMARTASS|CIFS|RTL|EPIC - xda-developers

Changelog seit V2.2.1:

- reworked from the ground up
- removed Roman's tweaks due incompatibility with my roms
- removed power + home for screenshot- causes problems - get some app from market
- all bad scripts removed
- cleaned
- rock solid and speedy!
- fixed HTC Camera - removed panorama and bitrate selector thou; will be added at a later date
- added Romanbb's Tweaks in Settings - all personalization like animation glow, crt, enable / disable screenshot feature. etc now can bet set from Interface - awesome work mate thank you
- removed forceddualcore - not a good call from my side - not because of battery drain but because after some time cpu1 governor is set to userspace and everything is laggy
- ondemand is the default governor you can however use smartass - get cpu master free from market and your set
- no wipe needed!
- changed to AUTO PRL instead of WCDMA Preffered, should give battery a boost
- cleaned scripts for better transparency
- added zipalign script - thx leedroid
- added fix permission script - thx Roman (birgertime)
- enforced interactive for both cores - thx Leedroid for idea - both cores are awake - from my testing you won't experience any battery drain, but it don't like the idea remove
/system/etc/init.d/50forcedualcore or move it outside init.d folder.
- browser with unlimited tabs - thx Roman (birgertime) - you can even customize the UA string
type about:debug in adress bar, hit menu - settings - scroll down to UA string.
- fixed Wifi Calling for TMO
- added Visual Voicemail for TMO
- what i forgot (as always )
- updated google maps
- updated facebook
- updated hosts
- added google plus
- added cifs manager
- fixed FC on SU for some users
- fixed ring delay
- updated libs for TMO users to match 1.45 base
- improved scrolling
- removed kernel "tweaks" - does more harm than good
- incremental update - has less than 1 mB flash ONLY ON TOP OF 2.2.3
- fixed black screen on incoming calls when CRT animation were used - thanksvladnosferatu for the tip
- updated Superuser to beta4
- Updated Android Market to 3.1.3
- Added Browser hack - Custom UI string, 20tabs & more courtesy of Leedroid
- Added OpenVpn
- Adapted some tunes from SuperCharger V6 script of zeppelinrox to fit better the Sensation and InsertCoin
- More free ram
- More speed
- More battery
- fixed "Make more storage" in Settings - SD & Phone Storage -> thanks MarlinFF for find
- added smartass cpu governor - AWESOME
- set smartass cpu governor as default - AWESOME
- Thanks snq- and faux123 for all this!
- flash on top on 2.2 or 2.1
- fixed Hot Restart in Advanced Power Menu - thq snq- for helping
- Added WiFi PM=FAST - thanks snq- - if you flash custom kernels is gone!
- Added Cifs module - thanks snq - if you flash custom kernels is gone!
- removed persistent 3G notification from carrier (TMO Users will love me more)
- revised optimization scripts
- tweaked GPU Profile for Quality - helpful for games and anything that uses GPU
- moved hosts to /system/etc since we are S-OFF and we can write on /system
- moved bootanimation and downanimation to /system/customize/resources again because we are S-OFF, and to follow general guidance where ppl tell you to push to /system/customize/resources
- added modded camera.apk to support panorama and higher bitrates - thanks m-deejay
- added htc battery widget
- added htc translator widget
- added advanced quick settings
- latest hosts file to prevent adds

Download direkt über den XDA Thread.


Dabei seit
Stock und CFW´s, ständig neue
PC Betriebssystem
MS Win 7, 8.1 und 10 / Ubuntu 11.x
Neue Version 3.3.0 mit Sense 3.5 und Beats

Original XDA Thread: [ROM][OCT.11]InsertCoin 3.3.0 SENSE 3.5|BEATS|AmazeCam|NOTES|EPIC - xda-developers

- updated hosts
- updated adfree
- updated drobox
- updated facebook
- updated gmail
- updated Market to 3.2.0 (ICS ONE)
- fixed FC when printing was selected in gallery
- fixed FC on Weather Live Wallpaper
- Removed Vol Key WakeUp - available in addons folders
- Removed Tweaks AutoBrightness - available in addons folders
- Fixed Wallaper Bug - thanks Romanbb for the find !
- Removed all the exploitable HTC apks
- Latest HTC Amaze Camera Port, everything working!
- Fixed Double Sun / Moon Bug - hopefully
- Changed RILs to match 10.58 Radio
- cleaned
- reoptimized
- fixed distorted image when using front camera inside Camera App
- fixed no image at all in Mirror
Incremental update for 3.2.6
If you experience FCs on camera then: Go to settings > manage apps -> select all > CAMERA - > and use "clear data"
- added 1080p bitrate selector for HTC Amaze Camera
- improved jpeg quality from 90 to 100
Incremental update for 3.2.5
- Rom rebuild from scratch, for me is bugfree, but if you flash theme mods and stuff you may encounter strange behavior or bugs
- Fixed the HTC Amaze Camera Port - it won't FC if your phone language is other than english also it will select the correct Scenes now
- Volume Button Wakeup Screen - thanks jjdoctor
It is a full rom, i recommend full wipe.

It has Stock Kernel to avoid problems, i suggest you stay on this untill show-p1984 updates Bricked.
If you really need Bricked Kernel v 1.2 there is a nice update-zip in 2nd post for that BUT don't report problems to me
- Volume Button Wakeup Screen - thanks jjdoctor
- Added HTC Amaze Camera - man it's awesome!
Incremental update for 3.2.1 only - this means you need stock kernel .. show-p will update the kernel soon to work nice with 2.3.5 without lib hacking
More info about the HTC Amaze Camera here: [MOD]10 OCT[v3]HTC Amaze camera for Sense 3.5 2.3.5 Everything working!!! - xda-developers
- reverted to STOCK KERNEL
- no OC
- fixed the random freezing
- fixed the Camera freezing and Scenes
- fixed the Gps issue
Incremental update for 3.2.0/3.1.9
If you run NASA Grade apps and need more juice flash bricked kernel from here Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! but if you have freezes or camera problems don't spam my thread
- fixed SuperUser problems
- fixed max 1.18 ghz freq after boot (it will be 1.5 ghz now)
Full ROM - no wipe required
- fixed Silent Toggle in Extended Quick Settings
- added back recent apps because I like them
- added the nice rotation animation
If you flash the full version and su creates problems get http://downloads.androidsu.com/superuser/su-3.0.2-efgh-signed.zip and flash from recovery
Provided as incremental for 3.1.8 and also as full rom
P.S. added flashable arabic patch in addons folder Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire because 1.6 billion ppl are too lazy to use google
- improved GPS lock for US users thanks crypted @ AGPS Patch Sensation 2.1 | GET BACK TO RAPID GPS LOCK, CAN LOCK ONTO MORE SATS - xda-developers
- Fixed the toggle issue with Extended Quick Settings - thanks Romanbb - nop still there use the Silent toggle from APM
- Rearranged items in Extend Quick Settings
- Removed Button Text from NavBar and stripped down Rosie debugging info - thanks Virtuous Team
- Updated SuperUser app and binary to 3.0.2 - thanks Chainsdd
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.7. DO NOT WIPE
- fixed WiFi connection problems that a small number of users experienced - GREAT WORK HTC WITH THE FAKE MAC
- added Extended Quick Settings - all credits for this go to Romanbb
I didn't use my hackwork of Runny because ..well it was hackwork and Romanbb's one is clean and made from scratch.
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.6 DO NOT WIPE
- hopefully fixed the random freezes on camera when taking multiple shots and using custom kernel.
- brust mode will still FC, i'm trying to fix the freezes for now
- fixed deep sleeps reboots for good - it will changed ur kernel to bricked 1.2 final #5, so if you flashed the return to stock kernel zip, you need to reflash it!
- low scores should be fixed now
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.5 DO NOT WIPE
- Rom stable enough to get out of beta
- updated Hosts
- updated Dropbox
- updated Adfree
- updated Gmail
- updated Maps
- Resized Notes to fit better - thx Virtuous Team
- Added 1080p Bitrate Selector - thx Virtuous Team
- Some other speed tweaks
- Cleaned Rom
- Updated kernel to show-p1984's Bricked 1.2 FINAL version - lots and lots of tweaks - more in his thread :[KERNEL][OCT.4]Bricked-Kernel||v1.2|[email protected]/192|FAST|FIXED3D|WORKS-ON-2.3.5 - xda-developers
- Fixed reboots in Deep Sleep
- Reduced heat and battery drain
This is a full rom, i advise Full wipe
- added HTC Notes - widget still has transparent background @ buttons but other than that both widget and app are functional
- removed a post boot script that didn't allow CPU to properly reduce frequency
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.3 DO NOT WIPE
- removed CRT animation – creates some hidden problems – will address this issue later
- fixed “low space” warning when plugging head phones
- added bricked kernel v1.2 from show-p1984, OC to 1512 as default and tons of tweaks
- working camera with custom kernel, thanks robocik and m-deejay
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.2 DO NOT WIPE
- added Advanced Power Menu
- added CRT Animations
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.1 DO NOT WIPE
- fixed camera issues
Incremental update, flash only on top of 3.1.0 DO NOT WIPE
- rebased on 2.08.401.1 RUU – thanks anonymous!
- all the IC speed tweaks applied – i wont repeat them over and over again
What you don’t have yet:
- Advanced power menu
- CRT animations
- Extended quick settings
- Modded camera
All of the above will be made in the next days, have a little patience . Full wipe required if you are coming from 2.x.x roms
- new leak with android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.5
- no random reboots like others
- facebook chat working
- no crt animations yet
- no extended quick settings yet
- no apm yet
- updated Android Market to v3.1.5
- updated Google Plus to v1.0.7
- changed auto-brightness values – should be
more accurate and save some battery – credits to omar302 and Romanbb
the change lies in framework-res.apk so all your mods including
framework-res.apk should be redone or the tweak will be canceled
( and yes if you flash this over your themed IC you will loose
some of the theme )
- some props to improved battery life
- improved the pictures quality a bit by lowering the compression over the final jpeg file
This is an incremental update to be only flashed on top of InsertCoin 2.5.5!
- fixed SuperUser
- updated market to latest version
To make your own custom batteries overscroll and stuff go to: UOT Kitchen. Kitchen
Stop flashing zips from older versions or begging in thread for new ones - make yourself one is EASY
- rebased to 1.73.401.2
- removed inbuild screenshot feature due to obvious problems for some users
- updated kernel to Bricked 0.86 by show-p1984
To make your own custom batteries overscroll and stuff go to: UOT Kitchen. Kitchen
Stop flashing zips from older versions or begging in thread for new ones - make yourself one is EASY
- added OPENVPN
- added camera with bitrate selector - thanks Virtuous Team
- improved AGPS - thanks crypted
- cleaned the rom a bit
- removed problematic sh script with custom kernel

- removed all the HTC Report / Tell HTC
- updated kernel to Bricked 0.7 with OC up to 1890 mhz and gpu oc to 320 mhz (awesome work show-p)
- added all the missing bits for TMO - were available already as an Addon but i included them now because some seems to have a problem finding it
- all the fixes from incremental builds already included
- reverted to stock HTC Camera, hacker one produces FC. when ill finish porting ill provide an addon
- full rom, is good for people switching from other roms or for ppl coming back to insertcoin (they don't need to flash 2-3-4-5 zips, just one and good to go)

Don't download just to download besides reverting camera to stock and adding some stuff for t-mo (because it seems they cant find the addon) is the same as 2.5.1-3. ah kernel is updated too but you can get just the kernel from here
[KERNEL][OCT.4]Bricked-Kernel||v1.2|[email protected]/192|FAST|FIXED3D|WORKS-ON-2.3.5 - xda-developers

- removed all the HTC Report / Tell HTC
- Fixed Reboots with Custom Kernels
- Added Bricked Kernel V0.6 HOTFIX 1 As default kernel (no reboots your safe)
- Cleaned build.prop and changed fingerprint so you can see all market apps!
- some fixes in build.prop required by t-mo us patch from addons folder
- added missing languages like en-us, Greek, Chinese
You will need a full wipe before flashing in order to benefit from this
If you don't need the extra languages and you are already on 2.5.1 then you do not need this!
- rebased on Sensation XE Final - 1.72.401.1
- Added CRT ON / OFF animations
- Added Advanced Power Menu
- Added Extended Quick Settings
- Added modded Camera APK with Bitrate selector / Panorama and HDR
- Improved GPU Settings
- Init.d support
- Adfree
- Latest Hosts
- added Google +
- added HTC Translator Widget
- added HTC Battery Widget
- removed boot sound
- updated all market apps to latest version
- TMO Wifi Calling
- TMO Large MMS Support
- InsertCoin Optimization
- All head phones are beats (you can disable beats if you don’t like em )
- Opera Mobile now works with latest Adobe Flash
- what i forgot
- stable and fast ofc
DO NOT FLASH THEMES OR ADDONS from older versions!
Kernel Update:
- more optimizations
- added smartassv2 as optional governor
- tweaked smartassv2 to fit pyramid OC clocks
- further ondemand governor tweaks (should be as fast as before with a little less power consumption)
- changed max clock to 1536Mhz (1538 was a typo -_-)
- cleaned ACPU table frequencies
- fixed an issue where CPU1 would fall back to userspace governor
P.S. - recommended by snq-
- reworked all patches from ground up
- fixed Sense reloading for some users
- tweaked media profiles – better pics / vids
- tweaked gpu profile
- tweaked thermal daemon
- Binary Bluge improved HTC Skins (blue and burgundy)
- some other tweaks i forgot
- updated Google Maps
KERNEL side by show-p1984
- Too many ARM optimizations to count
- UTF8 encoding (included for CIFS)
- wifi pm=fast
- Tweaked ondemand governor (should react faster, but can’t predict battery usage yet)
- Undervoltage
- Overclocking to 1538Mhz default (this makes more sense than 1512)
- Min Clock @ 192Mhz default
- Synchronous Multicore Threading
- Boot time optimization. CPU will have max clocks during boot to ensure a fast bootup
- improved bass on HTC Music (aka always beats addon)
- added Camera with Panorama, HDR, Bitrate Selector for 1080/720 resolution (thx leedroid / seo / m-deejay)
- added modified browser.apk - more tabs, all settings exposed (thx leedroid)
- lowered ondemand threshold
- increased thremal values - will let your cpu run more time @ highest freq but will still prevent meltdown
- added wifi pm=fast
- added cifs module
- added smartass1 governor - dont use it, causes freezes
- tweaked gpu configuration
- changed figerprint to match 2.3.4 official ruu base.
Incremental update, flash only on top of 2.4.1. don't wipe anything
- fixed add location in weather
- some incompatibilities fixed
Incremental update, flash only on top of 2.4.0. don't wipe anything
- rebase Android 2.3.5 leak
compared to 2.3.5 beta 1:
- fixed stocks
- fixed rogue certificate
- fixed htc sniffing
- updated market
- small tweaks
2.3.1 - incremental update
- fixed rogue certificate More info:
DigiNotar Hacked by Black.Spook and Iranian Hackers - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
Android at Major Risk!!!! Updated Flashable Patch Fix Here!! « ACSyndicate
- Removed HTC Sniffing through our phones - thanks Synergy Team.
more info: xda-developers - View Single Post - ★☆★|ROM|Nightly|◄●|Synergy 3Dvo|●►|2.3.4|SQLite Journal / MPD CPU1 TWEAK|ZEUSMODS|★☆★

latest Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3.5
- Rooted
- Deodexed
- Optimizations
- Busybox
- All Locales
- Advanced Power Menu
- Extended Quick Settings
- Beats Audio
- Disabled App Signature Check
- Removed boot sound
- tons of optimization
- T-Mobile US Wifi Calling Support
- T-Mobile US Large MMS Support
- HTC Amaze ported Camera
- Lots more!

Download direkt über Link im XDA Thread.

[ROM] Vorstellung InsertCoin Sense 3.5

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