[ROM] Vorstellung [ROM][DEV][★Sense 3.5★]RCMix 3.5

Diskutiere [ROM] Vorstellung [ROM][DEV][★Sense 3.5★]RCMix 3.5 im HTC Sensation Custom Rom / Mod Forum im Bereich HTC Sensation Forum; Aktuelle Version v05 Original XDA Thread: [ROM][DEV][★Sense 3.5★][10 Oct]RCMix 3.5 v05, MegaMix All in one :D You will like it! - xda-developers...


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Stock und CFW´s, ständig neue
PC Betriebssystem
MS Win 7, 8.1 und 10 / Ubuntu 11.x
Aktuelle Version v05

Original XDA Thread: [ROM][DEV][★Sense 3.5★][10 Oct]RCMix 3.5 v05, MegaMix All in one :D You will like it! - xda-developers


  • Base - 2.08.401.1, android 2.3.5 rom with Bliss Rosie(launcher) and Runny HTC Beats.
  • Kernel - Bricked 1.2
  • Virtuous Auto Install Script - Thx RMK for that
    (read more about that here)
    This feature will do no harm, so if you dont want to use it, just install the rom as it is
  • Optimized and zipaligned all apks (to leave as low memory fingerprint as possible)
  • HTC Beats
  • Low memory optimizations
  • Lots of tweak scripts
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Custom Tweaks in settings
    - Rosie 5/4 column on/off
    - Clock center feature and colour change
    - CRT animations on/off
    - Battery % and colour change
    - dB signal on/off
    - Overglow/bounce on/off
    - Show/hide recent apps in dragdown menu
    - More settings on longpress in quicksettings (try to longpress some of the options)
    - #*#*4696*#*# (phone info and advanced settings)
    - and more...
  • Latin IME (more dictionarys added by me) + Stock HTC IME
  • Sliding animation on keyboard popup
  • Camera with extended options (bitrate choice for 1080p recording), Thx virtuous team for that
  • SMS/MMS backup feature
  • HTC Notes, Quicklaunch widget (the one you see on screens) + all other goodies from runny and bliss roms
  • ES File Explorer
  • Latest Market app
  • Latest Superuser + su binary
  • TMobile WIFI calling + Video Chat and Visual Voicemail (separate patch comming soon)
  • Screenshot with Power+Home
  • + more
Download direkt über den XDA Thread.

[ROM] Vorstellung [ROM][DEV][★Sense 3.5★]RCMix 3.5


i9000 sense 3.5


Sense 3.5 Features



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