Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8190 Custom Rom: Omni Rom Android 5.1.1

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Original Thread:

OmniROM 5.1.1
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8190)

This project is based upon the sources provided by the Omnirom Team, TeamCanjica and OliverG96, and has been gradually enhanced with additional fixes and features in a collaborative effort.

Latest 5.1.1 release: omni-5.1.1-20160325-golden

What's new:
  • Merged upstream AOSP 5.1.1_r36 code (LMY49I)
  • Patched recent kernel security advisory (CVE-2015-1805)
  • Added switch for "always confirm" on reboot or shutdown (build.prop)
  • Updated "suppress lock screen while in call" patch to fix reboot issue with flight mode on
  • Fixed double action for wake keys when waking up device

What's in:
  • RIL: Voice calls, SMS, Mobile Data: 2G, 3G up to HSDPA
  • Bluetooth (with A2DP and AVRCP support, In-Call Audio (SCO))
  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n, WiFi tethering ("WiFi Hotspot")
  • GPS
  • Multimedia: Audio, Video, Torch LED, Images Gallery, Voice Rec
  • Camera (pics), Video recording (camcorder)
  • Messaging: Email, SMS/MMS
  • LED button backlights
  • Battery Saver Mode
  • Offline charging
  • CPU Deep Sleep support



[Builds up to 20150712 are still accessible here: DOWNLOAD]


PA GAPPS 5.x - Pico or Nano package is recommended
Download the zip file, flash it via TWRP and you're done.


Since OmniROM does not come rooted out-of-the-box, you can use SuperSU to do that if needed.
Note: At least SuperSU 2.40 is required to successfully root!
You can always fetch the latest stable from chainfire's site: DOWNLOAD
Flash it via TWRP and you're done.



Special thanks go to @Meticulus for his great support on the initial lollipop bring-up!

@Unjustified Dev: Audio fixes
@OliverG96: Sources for S3 Mini device, kernel, vendor
@Rox (TeamCanjica): Omni OMX patched sources and support
@omnirom: Full OmniROM sources tree
@exothermic: Sources and support
@Android-Andi: Sources and support, also great new cherry-picks
@New Maclaw: OMX source patches
@AGONTUK: zRAM and LZ4 patches

Big THANKS to all of you (and everybody who has contributed to your branches) for your great work!

Last, but not least: Enjoy OmniROM!

Bitte dort auch Post #2 beachten.

Die Links zum Download der Rom und der Google Apps findet ihr im oben verlinkten Thread.

Sofern gewünscht, erstelle ich euch auch gerne noch eine kurze Installationsanleitung.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8190 Custom Rom: Omni Rom Android 5.1.1

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